"We are specialized on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Resco MobileCRM related projects covering design, architecture, development and deployment, leveraging our 4 years of experience in Dynamics CRM activities and a 10+ years experience in .NET development.

We are committed to best support your efforts choosing, implementing, configuring, customizing and extending your CRM."

Urs Tobler, Owner and Senior Consultant

Some of Our Specialties

One-Way Data Synchronization

We needed to fulfill a number of particular requirements while synchronizing data from an Oracle e-Business Suite R11i to Dynamics CRM 4.0, which forced us to write individual synchronization programs. Besides customer address data, we copied all data necessary for a complete custom order entry application, like items, price lists, tax conditions and codes, as well as detailed sales information by item, customer and month. Overall more than a million records to keep in synch.

Custom Order Entry Application

We have realized a complete custom order entry application in form of an ISV ASP.NET application written in Visual Studio 2008 fully integrated in CRM. The highlights of this application are:

  • Item selection with autocomplete functionality based on item number or description
  • Application of different pricelists per line item
  • Easy application of discounts or manual pricing
  • Automatic calculation of VAT, based on country, customer and item tax code
  • Multiline order entry with 30 items listed per page in particular for repeated orders
  • Simple configurator for assembly items

CRM 2011 Address Geo Coding

We have built a server-side batch application that updates the geo codes (longitude and latitude) on Accounts, Contacts and Leads in Dynamics CRM 2011. The program uses the Google Map API processing in 24 hours a maximum of 2500 requests to satisfy Google’s free license limitations for using their service. This program is particularly handy for the use of Dynamics CRM in conjunction with the Resco MobileCRM Client, which has Google Maps included.

Web Form Integration with Dynamics CRM

We have built a package using Dynamics CRM customizations combined with a web service to enable the direct integration of web form based interactions in CRM. The web page consumes a web service accessible from the Internet, which receives the form data and then creates in CRM a custom entity and assigns it to a queue for further elaboration, and whenever possible assigns the event to an existing customer. On successful completion, the web page receives a confirmation.

Migration CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011

We have successfully migrated a heavily customized organization from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011, migrating all existing customizations into a couple of managed solutions, leveraging fully the customization architecture of CRM 2011.

Active Directory Federation Services Multi-Domain implementation

Active Directory Federation Services is the new authentication model required for Internet facing deployments of Dynamics CRM 2011 in an On-Premise deployment. A particular challenge is setting this up for more than on Domain. Authentication of web service access was particularly troublesome and we were able to help Resco resolving their issues caused by this particular environment.

Implemented and Configured Resco MobileCRM

All those that have looked into the standard mobility offered by Dynamics CRM 2011 till today, let’s see what Rollup 12 improves on this, recognized that it’s not really a great instrument to work with. From our perspective Resco MobileCRM is the best product actually (February 2013) available on the market with a rich configuration tool called Woodford, that does not require to write any code. We had the opportunity to go for a deep-dive in Resco MobileCRM and participate in its strong evolution in the second half of 2012.